Connecting Users

The other day I was walking down the street and heard two young girls say “betch” and “these shoes rule.” Doesn’t ring a bell? Check it out. Here’s what would be considered a ‘brand’ all developed off of YouTube videos. When I heard the girls, I instantly stopped them and joked about the video.

I do the same thing for Black Dog T-shirts, MV (Martha’s Vineyard) bumper stickers, Boston neighborhood parking decals outside of Boston, and any other thing that indicates I might have a similarity with someone else(I swear I only lived in Boston for 4 years.)

People like to connect. People want to connect. Help people connect around your product and you will build a community of repeat customers.

Is your product/service so uniquely personal that customers/users want to talk with each other when they discover each other? No?

Ok, how about baby steps….

– make users of your product/service easily recognizable to one another

– be known for at least one ‘excellent’ thing


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