Decisions, Decisions

Everyday as a service/product provider, you have decisions to make. One of those decisions, a choice, is easier than the rest. Do you spend money on awareness or do you spend money connecting with customers/making a better product.

A newspaper advertiser wants me to spend $250 on an ad for my retail store. I could get large exposure, start a story with my logo and gripping copyright and the masses who can’t help but flock to me then put down the paper and the story ends.

But hey, I got exposure, I got the word out, I got…AWARENESS. And it was only $250. Not much…..until I realize that it equates to potentially 500 products I could sample out to customers. 500 face to face conversations. 500 times I can begin the story so that even if they don’t enjoy my samples I can find out if they would like something else, or maybe their father would….either way the story has only just begun.

What’s even more compelling. I don’t need 500 customers to significantly impact my sales. I just need 10 or so. Well really, I just need 1. Treat that 1 right, and it soon becomes 500.

Seth Godin recently commented, “You can market by telling or you can market by showing. There’s no doubt that interactive marketing, marketing where you actually deliver something of value, is far far more powerful than telling. Telling is just bragging. Telling is ignored. Showing, on the other hand, is about me. Me, me, me! It’s about providing an interactive experience that touches me. “

Follow the Dabbawalla’s Secret – get to know your customer, provide a good product, and rather than telling, let your customers do the showing for you by letting your product do the showing for them.

Once again – your customers want to spread the word – so make it easy on them.


One Response to “Decisions, Decisions”

  1. shahriar amin Says:

    It depends on the category as well as the product. If the product is so good that by simply telling 10 customers you are confident enough to nail 5, than the number game does not apply. But if its a product that does not evoke a “must buy now” feeling right away, than a constant cazoling and persuading of a mass group of people will be required.

    All in all, i think its a far bigger budget question – Do i invest my money in products or do i invest my money in advertising that product? DO i make remarkable product, mediocre advertising or do i make mediocre product, remarkable advertising?

    I do have some comments on this in my blog…

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