Trumpet Your Customer’s Success

Want to sell more?

Step 1. Satisfy your current customers

Step 2. Get your current customers from step 1 to bring you a friend or new customer.

Step 3. Repeat

Eventually, the compounding effect of the above 3 steps is so powerful that you will have too much business to handle.

The hard part is of course Step 2 (if not, stop reading this post until you fix Step 1.)

Want to make Step 2 easy? Good – so do your customers. If you want more referrals, you need to make it easy on your customers to spread the word especially since we all want to talk about great deals and great service. So include a pass along link in your newsletters, provide referral cards when you finish a project, include a referral link on your website, and actually use every other referral idea you can think of.

Here’s one idea that a Realtor used: Just Bought signs when their buyer closes on a house. But of course, they should take it one step further. The Realtor should create postcards for the buyer to notify all their friends and family. The buyer would definitely appreciate the gesture since it makes it easier on them and of course who do you think will be listed as responsible for the sale?

Results get noticed. Success begets Success. Trumpet the success you bring to your customers and their friends will notice.


One Response to “Trumpet Your Customer’s Success”

  1. Becky Carroll Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Great to see your blog off to a good start! Thanks for the shout-out. Postcards are a great idea. The “housewarming” the realtor provides helps with some of this, but only for those who are local!

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